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Even the founders of our company are producers and users, their activities and decisions are therefore governed by the aim to enforce the interests of producers. With this in mind, we offer premium quality products, the high price/value ratio of which reduces the cost of animal husbandry and improves the efficiency of producing animal-based products.

AGP Hungary Ltd. was inaugurated in 1995 with a US stakeholder majority, with their main profile being the production and distribution of premixes, concentrates and animal feed, along with the import of soybean meal for livestock feeds and bypass protein.

The founders of the joint venture from the US side are AG Processing Inc. Omaha, Nebraska, USA and Cooperative Business International Washington D.C., USA; while from the Hungarian side, Sombereki Mg. Rt., Pcs-Remnypusztai Rt., Szalntai Rt., Beremendi Mg. Rt., Broiterm Kft., Lipp, Bicsrdi Arany-Mez Rt., Szabadszentkirlyi Mg. Rt., Magvet Kft., Nagydobsza and Bly-Tttsi Mg. Rt.

We plan to further enlarge the circle of our members, which beyond providing a proprietary stake enables them to follow the business activities of the company and to determine and form strategic decisions. Our objective is to enable them to obtain investment profits as members of a business that is successful in the long run as well.

Early in 2003, the ISO quality assurance standards have been introduced in order to further raise our partners' confidence in the company and its products. Since 2006, production has been carried out in compliance with HACCP standards.

In 2005, the annual partner meeting of our company was made special by the 10-year anniversary of its foundation. Alongside our domestic guests, numerous foreign partners and friends of ours were invited to the meeting. The delegation from AG Processing Inc. was lead by CEO Marty Reagan, and the Hungarian minister of agriculture and rural development was also present.