Quality assurance policy

The management long term strategy formulates a continuous improvement on the services and products, are given to the customers to have and keep them satisfied.

General aims of the quality policy

  • providing the best possible customer service experience,
  • to improve the level of professional practice continuously,
  • to help the customers with exact and extensive informations in making their choice,
  • employing well-trained, self-sufficient, morally and ethicly reliable associates.

The following specific activities are considered to be the most important ones, to achieve the formulated general aims:

  • With the continuous improvement of the quality management system the perspicuity and the traceability could be achieved with the most time effective and simpliest way,
  • the quality management system should be developed commonly, and should be reachable for everybody,
  • Computerized production controll,
  • exact pre- and post-calculations, just as to make up-to-date cost analysis for the customers, let us to give them the most favourable prices,
  • By lowering our customers stock-raising costs with our high quality products, the efficiency of the production can be improved at the animalistic products,
  • to ensure the continuous service with the appropriate logistic arrangements,
  • extending our wide arrange of services facilitates our customer's, and partner's products intended to be sold, to get into the market,
  • as our products are produced for animal feeding the aim is to ensure the continuous excellent quality for the animals, and to lower the enviromental impacts to the minimum,
  • to ensure the services of high standard with the continuing professional education for our employees,
  • ensuring good working conditions, working atmosphere where the loyality of the employees to the company's aims can be achieved.

To achieve, and maintain the ones mentioned above, it is essential that the company has to ensure the personal and material conditions of the high quality work. Towards these things, and for the sake of the cause the company's management is out for giving free run of all the possible resources.